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Wedge Primal Suds where you like now with “WEDGIES”. Pocket sized Suds of all your fava flavs.

Min weight 38Gs Gees

Disclaimer: Do not wedge in eyes or orifices, soap for external use only…do not eat wedgies.

Disclaimer2: All pockets are different sizes, Primal Suds can not guarantee wedgies will be any particular pocket size.

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 cm

Black, Boscanova Coffee Scrub Bar, Chocwork Orange, Freshcobar, Green Grass, Head Cave Fenugeek, Head Cave Mop Top, Head Cave Nonscents, Head Cave Shamsmoo, Mr or Mrs Grey, Ramie, Rood Boi, Scrooge Bath Humbug, Smoo, Soul, Temper, White Ramie, Xabon, Zero Filth Bare Coconuts, Zero Filth Bona Fide, Zero Filth Legit Olive