Suds Stumps

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Look after your soap whilst looking after your bathroom, let your Suds Stump soak up the Primal earthiness within your bar. Not only will it dry out and contain your soap after use, it’ll look flipping great on your side….you’ll get bathroom envy from all your toilet guests. It wasn’t as easy as just getting some old pieces of wood you know…..yes Suds Stumps are 1000 plus years old from prehistoric rain forest species, so they are old but more importantly we can guarantee they are responsibly sourced and hand picked from the wild and wet southern west beaches of New Zealand by our go to driftwood legend Adam. (Please note the soap pictured is for scale purposes, when purchasing Suds Stumps you’ll get wood only)

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*Please don’t worry about the numbers (1-30) they mean nothing – it’s just purely so we have a way of telling them apart*

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Suds Stumps

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2 reviews for Suds Stumps

  1. Jeanette

    Getting a bit of a collection of these wicked natural wooden Creations, who would of thought something so old and shaped by nature would get a new lease of life! We have three now and they are perfect for storing our shampoo and soaps on between uses to allow them to dry out and keep it in tip top shape ready for the next use. They also look pretty bangin in our bathroom!

  2. Abi

    Suds stumps are the most effective, coolest way to look after your suds imo! Such a stylish soap dish, looks great wherever you put it. No stickage, no slippage and natural af. Love it!

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