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SHAMSMOO smells like your SMOO soap, (citrusy) so that’s good isn’t it. Good for oily hair with the citrus oils, slicing through the grease like a knife through butter. With added rice milk and rice powder which can enrich and is said to strengthen hair over prolonged use.

Please be aware that totally natural shampoos will probably involve a transition period for newbies…explained in link below….please do not expect shampoo bars to “work” first time….

Please read HEAD CAVE header on natural shampoo use and info regarding our head suds….Head Cave



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INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Sodium olivate (Olive oil), Sodium cocoate (Coconut oil) , Sodium rapeseedate (Rapeseed seed oil), Glycerin*, Sodium castorate (Castor oil), Sodium avocadoate (Avocado oil), Moroccan lava clay, Limonene**, Cannabis sativa (Hemp) seed oil, Litsea cubeba fruit oil, Althaea officinalis (Marsh mallow) root extract, Argania spinosa (Argan) kernel oil, Oryza sativa (Rice) powder, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) oil, Salvia hispanica (Chia) seed, Zanthoxylum bungeanum pericarp (Sichuan peppercorn) extract, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Citrus grandis (Grapefruit) peel oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) fruit oil, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Citral**

*Naturally occurring in the soap making process

**Naturally occurring in essential oils

Due to the handmade nature of all our bars, weights, size & colour may vary slightly between batches.

Minimum weight 130gms

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 3 × 9 cm

15 reviews for Shamsmoo – Oily

  1. Jeanette

    Absolutely love my shamsmoo bar, as does my three year old! Who knew I just needed a bit of Primal influence to encourage my Feral toddler to have her hair washed! She happily does it herself if she can use my shamsmoo! It smells gorgeous, gets our hair squeaky clean and I’ve not needed to use conditioner with it either. When I’ve finished using it I leave it chilling on a suds stump and it’s dried out nicely between uses and is really lasting well.

  2. Kerry

    After failing with a diff brand of shampoo bar, I started again with Head Cave Shamsmoo – and it’s a way, way more promising start to the dreaded ‘transition period’ – in fact, should be a breeze because my hair was clean, soft and smooth (the opposite of the waxy, dry mess I got first time round!). I was worried my hard water would mean I couldn’t use shampoo bars but it seems I can. Highly recommend. Looking forward to trying other products from the Primal Suds range.

  3. Sophie

    I started using the Head Cave shampoo bar a couple of months ago and the difference it’s made to my hair is bloody brilliant. My hair has previously been flat and prone to getting greasy quickly but using this shampoo bar has made my hair seem lighter and has given it good volume! They also have different types of shampoo bar depending on your hair type which is great 😊

  4. Adam

    Makes my hair feel really clean, I had no transition issues with head cave, the lather you get is amazing, and he satisfaction of using a natural plastic free soap just makes it feel even better, thanks Primal Suds amazing product

  5. Liz

    Just had my haircut and hairdresser kept commenting on the the fab condition and shine of my hair. When I told her it was from a shampoo bar, she was shocked 😁 have sent her the link to your site, and my friends husband was so surprised he wanted to check it out too ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Rebecca

    Just bought this as a gift for a friend ,it smells blooming gorgeous , am really tempted to keep it for me me me! Love the ethos of this company, no wasteful packaging. I will be back for more very soon 💖

  7. claireyates1

    I love this product. I’ve been no poo for a year now and wanted something ready made, instead of making my “shampoo” each time I washed.
    This is fantastic. Smells divine without being overpowering and really does cut through grease like a knife through butter!
    It really helps the curl structure too, and I have no frizzy bits. Highly recommended!

  8. Phoebe

    I decided to buy one of these bars to take with me on a long travelling trip to avoid bringing masses of liquids, but it smelled so good I thought I would give it a go beforehand (and I was worried about the transition period with shampoo bars).

    After just one use my hair feels clean and much more voluminous. There hasn’t been any sort of negative transition period and my hair looks soft and healthy. It smells absolutely amazing too and makes lots of bubbles. I will be buying in the future! Thank you

  9. Jasmine

    Honestly, after trying so many low-poo shampoo bars that just didn’t work on my hair, Shamsmoo was a bit of a final go, as I was pretty ready to just give up. But this stuff actually cleans my fine, oily hair and is now my go-to shampoo. Yeah, I still have to wash my hair every day/ every other day, but it leaves it feeling clean without feeling stripped of all the good stuff, a la regular shampoo. I wanted to go plastic-free, and this is allowing me to do that. Thanks Primal Suds!

  10. Beth

    I’ve been following the curly girl method for ages using sulphate free and silicone free products so decided to step it up a notch by using a natural shampoo and honestly my hair has never looked so good my hair doesnt get weighed down i dont even need stylers to have perfectly formed curls, volume AND definition! Smells amazing. Will last me ages and leaves my hair completely clean without feeling stripped at all. Will be recomending this to absolutely EVERYONE. Honestly even my boyfriend is desperate to try it after seeing my hair and ive only just managed to convince him to stop using head and shoulders.

  11. Alice

    Best shampoo I’ve ever used!
    It took just over a week for my hair to get used to it but now it’s silky and lasts 2-3 days… PLUS I don’t need to use conditioner it’s so soft!
    It also smells great and there’s no plastic. Ticks every box for me!
    Well impressed and have been recommending to all my friends!

  12. Angela

    This shampoo is sooooooo good! My hair looks and feels amazing with it. I had been using another shampoo bar from elsewhere and was about to give up and go back to bottles – my hair was ‘sticky’ I couldn’t run my fingers through it even when dry. But then I found Primal Suds and thought I’d give their shamsmoo a go. I’m super glad I did because it’s amazing stuff. Smells gorgeous and no need for conditioner either. Thanks Primal Suds, you rock 🤘

  13. Anya massey

    This was the second shampoo bar I ever tried, got the usual sticky, straw like hair hated it but tried to persevere. Gave up. Got hooked by a certain brand ahem *lush* because of the sls there was no sticky hair (fab) bUT: we all know what sls is like..

    after a while I noticed my skin worsening and feeling completely dried out. Tried my boyfriends Shamsoo bar again as it’s actually natural- by some MIRACLE my hair is absolutely fine! Felt so soothing after the SLS packed bars. (Sorry lush..)

    STICK WITH IT AND ALL WILL BE OKAY. Thanks for saving my skin and sanity, finally feeling confident again 🙂

    (also I work in Lemon and Jinja and will be absolutely doubly recommending the primal suds section 😉 )

  14. Ollie Allen

    Love this shampoo, since I’ve been using this I’ve gone from a daily washer to once or twice a week with a little dry shampoo in between. Hair looks shiny af and is probably healthier now because of it. No more plastic, no more minging chemicals. Lasts me aaaaaaaages as well which is a bonus

  15. Katie

    I was sceptical before using this shampoo bar because I have tried others in the past that haven’t been successful and my hair has become oiler and oiler but I was determined that this time it would work as I love the Primal Suds soaps. This shampoo bar blew me away. It works wonders. It took me about 3-4 days for my hair to adjust but now my hair is far softer than when I was using regular shampoo and I dont plan on going back at all. Thank you for making such a wonderful shampoo bar.

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