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FENUGEEK is for dry hair, with added oat milk and rolled oats for their moisturising qualities this shampoo bar also contains fenugreek powder which is packed with lecithin which with prolonged use can benefit dryness (not a medical product).

Please be aware that totally natural shampoos will probably involve a transition period for newbies…explained in link below….please do not expect shampoo bars to “work” first time….

Please read HEAD CAVE header on natural shampoo use and info regarding our head suds…Head Cave


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INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Sodium olivate (Olive) oil, Sodium cocoate (Coconut) oil, Sodium rapeseedate (Rapeseed) oil, Glycerin*, Sodium castorate (Castor) oil, Sodium avocadoate (Avocado) oil, Kaolin, Cannabis satvia (Hemp) seed oil, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) oil, Rosemarinus (Rosemary) officinals extract, Althaea officinalis (Marsh mallow) root extract, Avena sativa, Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) fruit extract, Avena sativa (Oat) kernel flour, Oryza sativa (Rice) powder, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Trigonella foenumgraecum seed powder, Limonene, Ocimum basilicum (Basil) oil, Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) leaf oil, Sodium chloride (Salt), Citral, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice

*Naturally occurring in the soap making process

Due to the handmade nature of all our bars, weights, size & colour may vary slightly between batches.

Minimum weight 130gms

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Dimensions 7 × 3 × 9 cm

12 reviews for Fenugeek – Dry

  1. Alice

    Absolutely amazing product!
    My hair use to be damaged and frizzy, but this has saved my hair and even restored my curl!
    I love this product, it’s easy to use, makes my hair feel great and seems to be lasting longer than any other shampoo bars I’ve tried. I highly recommend.

  2. Abigail Frost

    I’ve got afro-carribean hair (mixed) and looking after my hair has always been a lot of work. I am so glad to have found this! It isn’t ridiculously expensive like a lot of non-sulfate shampoos which wreck my already dry hair. It doesn’t dry out my hair out like said shampoos and leaves it feeling really lovely and clean and leaves it a lot more moisturised for styling. Just don’t be an idiot like me make sure to take heed of the the ‘don’t get in eyes’ warning as it’s not a lot a fun if you do (like most shampoo’s though innit). Definitely recommend!

  3. Emily

    For my first shampoo bar I tried the normal mop top which was good, but for me didn’t bode well with my hair type or scalp as it left residue. However, I have tried this shampoo for my dry scalp and it’s lovely. It leaves the hair feeling soft and silky with no residue. Ensure you warm it up in your palms and slowly massage it into the hair for best results. I recommend this to all who have dry scalp issues.

  4. Dan

    I’ve had severe dermatitis for years and always treated it with medicated shampoos. I finally found one that kept it under control but it was then discontinued. (It was also from a plastic bottle like most others)

    Thank goodness for this shampoo! My scalp is back under control and my hair has taken to it well. It’s great value as the bar lasts a good while too.

    I’d recommend to anyone in my position

  5. Beth

    I am so impressed by this shampoo. It took my hair just over a week (with the help of ACV rinse) to get used to it.
    Now my hair is soft, shiny and is no longer dry at the ends.
    No need for conditioner either.
    Works out much cheaper than other poo bars on the market and with better results.

  6. Kathryn Callaghan

    Absolutely fabulous! This bar made my hair sooooo scrummy and soft! I did not use conditioner afterwards and my hair was the envy of Rapunzel!
    Lovely smell coming from my shower too ❤️

  7. Sharon marshall

    Brilliant. Love this product. Hair felt better after the first time using it and no need for conditioner. I have suffered from psoriasis for 30 years and it seems to have gone!!!!! Never going back to T gel!!

  8. Lucy

    A wonderful product.
    For me, it “worked” straight away, my scalp felt very cleansed. I have dry curly hair.
    I loved the application, it’s very easy to distribute and feels good. Good shine when hair was styled, and I’m interested to see what it does to my natural curl. Spreading the word!

  9. Harriet

    I hardly ever write reviews, but I’m writing this one because I almost can’t believe how good this product is. I was actually given this shampoo bar by a friend who knows I’m vegan and use shampoo bars in general. Initially I was a little nervous to try it because it looks very “natural” and in the past I’ve had skin problems with other “natural” brands such as Faith in Nature. (That’s not a dig at the brand, they work for a lot of people, but I just have very sensitive skin.)

    It is not an exaggeration when I say this shampoo bar is incredible. INCREDIBLE. I have fine, straight hair that is prone to breaking, but it also lies really flat, so I have a constant battle between keeping it in good condition, and trying to inject some sort of volume. This bar may just be that balance. My hair is both shiny and bouncy. It’s also really clean, and (this is a huge deal for someone with very straight hair) I have even started noticing a slight wave, which also helps with volume. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with the way my hair looks, and this is all with no conditioner… you don’t need it. My scalp is also extremely happy. I don’t get loads of dandruff but sometimes get some flakes, but this leaves me flake-free and not itchy at all.

    The second thing… price. I am so thankful to you for keeping this an affordable product. I’ve used Lush shampoo bars for years and they’ve steadily increased their prices over time. This has left me in the difficult position of wanting a no-waste, vegan shampoo that makes my hair look good… and not wanting to spend £8 on a tiny bar. This bar is hugely generous, and two pounds cheaper. I think it will be a long time before I need another one… but I will be buying another one.

    Lastly, the ingredients of this bar. The ingredients are extremely impressive. I was very pleasantly surprised to see argan oil, castor oil, and lots of other great stuff that is well known to be great for hair. Brilliant. I’m so happy. Thank you for this great product!!

  10. Kim

    I was lucky enough to get this as a free knob, and have loved it ever since. Due to work, I’ve had to wash my hair a lot more, and the shampoo has continued to look after my hair, even though I’m washing it almost every day. It also has the huge upside of being plastic free- so I don’t have to also worry about how much more plastic I’m using!
    The shampoo bars also last an INSANELY long time (and the soaps too for that matter) so it’s extremely cost effective. Thanks for making such great quality, affordable products guys!!

  11. D

    Tried many shampoo bars before and ended up giving up due to my hair not adjusting.

    Tried primal suds and after 2 weeks my hair is already better! The transition phase was not as bad as other bars. Will continue to use!

  12. Bethany

    I dont think I can go back to another shampoo bar…
    Being a naturally light blonde, I was worried my colour could change as the bar looks quite dark. After a few months of use, my blonde actually seems brighter as my hair is much healthier and shinier. I dont feel a need for conditioner either which is amazing! Lasts ages too and I feel I can go longer between washes

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