Smells on Point


A smelly cactus, smelling of Primal Suds 🤷🏻‍♂️😯that’s right, it’s a cactus that smells like Primal Suds 🌵

All the smells we do (well, a lot of them) (some are not there) (soz) bottled up in pure essential oil version (could be used not in a cactus🌵, as well)….a cactus oil burner🌵, a candle (rapeseed wax), to heat the prickly little mofo (is not prickly), a bag of wax (rapeseed) pellets to carry the Suds aroma init…and last but not least, a piece of cactus material that has multipurpose probable possibilities……Wow! SMELLS ON POINT!

Aroma Therapy sent in the post, in cactus form…THE FUTURE IS NOW! 🌵🚀

All SMELLS ON POINT products available separately for top ups or mismatching, or in a cactus box (I said to Jen, these would make a good gift, she agreed #cleverstuff 🙋🏻‍♂️) which we can send straight to people’s addresses if yous want (just change the delivery address ya’ll)

Safety advice!
Safety first kids, this is not a cosmetic product, so please NEVER leave a candle unattended and always have a responsible adult around if you are not a child but not a responsible adult either! Smells on point from primal suds is an over 18s product, not for children’s….ok.
Always use Smells on Point away from anything flammable and in a safety area.
Never be not careful.
Be safe.
Always safety first!

I know we shouldn’t really need to give instructions here but believe us…we do, so here’s the instructions.
•Pour the wax pellets into the Cactus.
•Put a small amount of the oil blend on wax pellets (recommended 1/4 of cap, for a good hit) but play about to what suits your room.
•Put candle in cactus and spark up the spines🔥🌵
.Enjoy hours of Primal Suds aroma, it’s all gravy baby.
•We just want people to smell nice things, be safe, have a lot of fun (while being safe) (see safety info above).

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