Everybody wants natural shampoo bars, nobody wants a plastic bottle of shampoo, everybody wants salon fresh shinny looking healthy hair, like something from an episode of friends…..here’s the reality bomb…..the best possible thing you could do for healthy hair upkeep, is to not wash it…..but nobody wants that do they? The other end of the spectrum is using the billion dollar, synthetic chemical based, corporate industry solution to hair care, that’ll work for sure…..but I don’t think anybody that’s reading this wants that either?

Here at Primal Suds we offer up HEAD CAVE, using only natural colours and ingredients our products are jam packed full of earthly compounds that benefit your mop top, init fam.

All of our shampoo bars contain the following:

Marshmallow Root, Jojoba Oil, Argan oil, Hemp oil, Caster oil, Avocado oil, Rice powder, Aloe Vera, Clays…..and individual bars contain other ingredients that’ll sort out your barnet, we threw everything at it!

As you’ll probably know if you’re changing your hair care to a natural route there’ll be a transition period where you may feel like it’s not working, although everybody will be diffo…..hang in there. The reality of using natural shampoo bars unfortunately is that if if works first time, you’re one of the lucky ones….As your scalp returns to doing its own natural thang without synthetic chemicals you’ll probably experience waxy, unmanageable hair that you won’t like….this is normal and will pass, don’t worry. This transition can last from a week, to worse case two months or so…so stick with it (pun intended) get yourself a nice hat or if that’s not for you…..maybe look at a synthetic no plastic shampoo product, we don’t manufacture these because we only make natural products, but there are plenty to choose from……hope that helps ya’ll.


Lather up in hand then add suds to hair, don’t slap bar straight into hair as it contains lots of unsaponified oils that need a bit of sudsification before application.

You may want to do an apple cider vinegar rinse during this phase or lemon juice will work as well, or do both if you’re feeling crazy……lemon juice is less curl inducing. This is especially important in hard water areas. Simply dilute in water to the same ratio of orange squash…not that anybody probably drinks that crap but I’m sure you all know the recipe.

You’ll need to dry the bar out between cleans….our mini soap ladders are a perfick way to do this as they let your bar breathe…look after your suds and they’ll look after you.

Now Head over to the shop and get some Head Cave you Head Cases.

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