As you can see we’ve done a bit of a rebrand so we are 80% genderless. We’ve kept Cavewoman Ramie as we think its quite feminine where as the rest are unisex and genderless. Caveman Black had to stay though as that was the first one we ever made when making it for ourselves….when we discovered “Caveman Soap”….Another reason is we’ve Trademarked everything so we don’t want to waste it… waste init.

New Products:

SUDS STUMPS: Ornamental but totally useful, responsibly and ethically gathered soap dish….Primal Style.

SOAP IN A ROPE: Hemp yarn bubble bags, buy with or without soap, natural and sustainable…handmade.

WEDGIES: One time competition prize only, now they’re yours to keep.

CRYSTAL DOUCHE DANGLES: Gnarly looking Soap on a rope, with the added fortune of a tumble stone quartz crystal pushed in with suds love.

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds

Andrew and Jen from Primal Suds