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I know, I know, I know….we did it last week as well but I forgot to take the info off the website so figured we better do it this weekend as well….finishes Sunday 09/08 night when the clock strikes midnight. Don’t forget the BOXED OFF DEAL is always on, check it out ya’ll.

Peace and Suds

Andrew and Jen

26/06/20 SALE

20% OFF, USE CODE: 1984


WIN A BOXED OFF DEAL ON INSTAGRAM (look out for the Terminator post)


FREE KNOBS IN ALL ORDERS THIS WEEKEND (All weekend promos end Sunday 28th June, midnight) One Knob per order init.

We’re celebrating the return of BOSCANOVA bars ( Boscanova Cafe is open now so we get the surplus grounds again) by doing a sale! They said “I’LL BE BACK” and they weren’t jokes, so the code is 1984 the year the classic time travelling film Terminator (where famous muscles man Archie Shwepsinator said those legendary words) was released #yourclothes #givethemtome 🦾

TO WIN A BOX DEAL👇🏼(instagram)

Instructions: Like post, tag mate, follow and extra names in the hat if you share in stories, tag us so we see….if private, screen grab and send us. Winner announced on SUPER SUNDAY NIGHT 28th June, night time…Instagram, uk only, adults only…go! 🗣

Code don’t work on box deals, they’re already a good deal init.

Stay outta trouble you crazy kids!

Peace and Suds



Here we go then….to celebrate the end of that desperately looooong ol month January we’re kicking into Feb in fabulous style with a mega multilayered mahoosive SALE…In ya face January sales, we do em in Feb…dam them rules init.

FREE POST (uk), A FREE KNOB (with all orders) and random DISCOUNTED items throughout. SHAZAM FAM!

SALE on 1st and 2nd Feb and then it’s back to normals…so stock up, fill up and save some dosh mush…..nice one all of you for being part of the Wash Revolution and helping us build the SOAP SOLID CREW, numbers are certainly building and we’ve got loads to come, stay out of trouble you crazy kids.

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻

Andrew and Jen


Back 1st Feb, we’ll run free U.K. post 1st and 2nd of Feb, see yous then ya’ll

Peace and Suds


25/01/20 – MOVING PREMISES (brief timeout T)

Another announcement for the WET BANDITS of SOAP SOLID CREW….(new names for the suds tribe, voted for and named by the Instagram crew @PRIMALSUDS

So next week we need a LITTLE TIME OUT, basically we’re moving init, we’re taking the business up a notch and gone and got a unit to work from. We pushed it to the limit of what we could do at home, from a slow cooker to now a proper premises, all totally self funded…and in two years taking a vision and idea, to a legit bonafide business. We’re really proud of that and very thankful of all of your support, without it…not poss init ✌🏼
So, so we can get a load of stuff sorted we are gonna shut the website from Monday 27th Jan, Open again Saturday 1st Feb….on that weekend we will be offering FREE POST 1st/2nd Feb so that’s when you wanna stock up fam😉
Note to stockists: Business as usual.

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻


02/01/20 – OPEN

HNY and all that, hope yous all had a great holiday season, it’ll be back in what feels like a couple of weeks anyways, so that’s something to look forward to….lol 🙃

Business as usual here at Suds HQ, so…yeah, um…..don’t really know what to add, it’s all the same but just post Christmas really….this could actually win the award for most boring, crappest blog entry so far, that’s an achievement I suppose.

Oh, there’s a comp running on the Instagram…to win a boxed off deal….you could try that, if not….look out for the next exciting news/blog instalment, hopefully we might have some exciting news then 😏😉🤫

Peace and Suds

Andrew and Jen ✌🏼

16/12/19 – CLOSED FOR XMAS

We are now closed for our Christmas break and will be back on the 2nd of January. All orders placed already will be processed as normal so don’t wozzer about that ya’ll…..Soz for the inconveniences but shutting up shop for a bit is the only way as a small two person business we get some time off with the familan. 

Thank you to everybody for all the support and love this year, obvs as always….we loves you more init…Wishing you all the festive cheer one could possibly imagine….and that’s loads! 

Happy Christmas, see you next year. 

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻 

Andrew and Jen x 

11/12/19 – FREE POST DAY

Yeah, just that really….ALL ORDERS WILL GET FREE POST ALL DAY TODAY…. On ALL products including BOXED OFF DEALS, Dry Shampoo, Natural Soap, Shampoo Bars, Natural Deodorant, Dreadlock Shampoo and all the other usual suspects.

(U.K. shipping only)

Absolutely Wonderful 👊🏼🎅🏻👊🏼

09/12/19 – TWO YEAR SUDS B’DAY

So two years ago on 11th December 2017 we started Primal Suds. We’ll chuck up a post on Facebook and Instagram this Wednesday so I won’t bore you too much on this one…go see init.

What we do want to tell you is to celebrate our two year birthday this Wednesday 11th December 2019 POST WILL BE FREE all day, look at it like when people take cakes in to work on their bdays….but free postage not cakes. You’re welcome 😘

Christmas post deets:

Well this is easy, we close this Sunday 15th December and reopen the website on 2nd January 2020…. we’ll be able to do one of those jokes like you see going around on New Year’s Eve day when some funster will tell you. “See You next year” and you have to do a fake smile at them.

Don’t forget the Instagram comp (see below) is still going until Sunday 15th Dec and the GOLDEN TICKET still hasn’t left the building…..Mmmmm I do wonder if somebody who orders on our birthday will get it in their box…….Mmmmmm I wonder 😜

Disclaimer: Free post U.K. only, soz.

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻

Andrew and Jen x


Three winners, yes that’s three chances to win a YEARS SUPPLY OF FREE NATURAL SOAP. 


To enter, see the Instagram post with the green glass bowl (posted Nov 17th) all details there…..far to confusing and long to type out again here, soz. There’s two winners from that side of the comp, both winning a years supply of natural soap…the third way to win is below: Any sharing in stories for private accounts will need to be screen grabbed and sent to us in a message or we won’t see them init.


One Golden Ticket will be in a box of Suds leaving Suds HQ between now and 15th Dec when the comp ends and is drawn, the Golden Ticket will only be in a box bought directly from The lucky recipient of the Golden Ticket will win a years supply of natural soap from Primal Suds. 

Good luck everybody, thank you for all your support this year, we’ll obviously drop an xmas blog/news post but this’ll probs be the last entry until that. Good luck with all your Christmas shopping, we’ve released our Christmas offering now, they’re in the shop….same as last Christmas…same as next Christmas…recycling vibes ya’ll. 

Black Friday: We won’t be doing anything for Black Friday, it’s horrible. 

More Big Christmas Competition Terms: 

Participants must be over the age of 18 and from the U.K. A years supply of soap will consist of two bars per winner per month for twelve months, this is what we consider to be a years supply, this is the prize. Prize is soap only and cannot be redeemed for the equivalent monetary value. Flavours will be picked randomly by Primal Suds at time of sending. Prizes will be sent to the winners on winning and then a six months later top up. 

Right, that’s all folks…me and Jen are off to get stuck into the Christmas rush, heads up….don’t leave it to the last minute…we will be taking last orders before Christmas on 15th December then will close for family time until January 2020

Stay out of trouble you crazy kids

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻 

Andrew and Jen X 

3/11/19 – NEW PRODUCTS

But first:


So anyway, we’ve been meaning to bring out a Dreadlock Shampoo Bar for like EVER, takes a while to get things done though with one thing or another….anyway they here now init DREDHEAD See HEAD CAVE

We have had them tested on our dreaded friends and some random strangers with dreads from Instagram…fanks everybody who tried em, and fanks for the great feedback….they all loved them and said their dreads felt cleaner then ever and smelt great ya’ll….good vibes.

Obviously as always and like all our products, these DREDHEAD shampoo bars are totally natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free, plastic free, no palm oil and obvs no bullshit or greenwashing involved.

Two new flavours in the natural soap department as well, NETLEY MARSH…a Nettle and Spirulina soap with foresty forage hints of spruce, perfect for the early Winter end of Autumn business. And BILLIE CLAY CYPRESS, pink, floral and citrusy….there’s a funnyish description over on the soap page….no point repeating myself here…..go look.

Before we get any emails, letters or messages about whether we are going to do any Xmas boxes or gift boxes etc….Na, we ain’t doing none of that this year…..we’ve got the BAG OF KNOBS perfect for Secret Father Christmas or the BOXED OF DEAL, perfect for your loved or unloved ones…they’ll make good gifts init.

So that’s the new stuff, more to come…fanks for all the support and orders….without you lot, we’d be dead….and on that happy note🤣

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻

Andrew and Jen xx


We’ve update the stockist info on here and are now taking on some new stockists again……Fanks yous for your patience while we were sorting some boring old bussinessy business stuffs out init.

We can supply shampoo bars, natural soap bars, natural dry shampoo, natural deodorant, eco travel tins, soap dishes….and some other stuff I can’t think of right now. All natural biodegradable products, compostable packaging, minimal waste, vegan friendly cosmetics with no palm oil, no plastic and most importantly…no bullshit.

Peace and Suds


27/09/19 – OH YAY OH YA OH YA

Actually it’s not really “OH YAY” at all, it’s this….basically we gotta go VAT registered now because we’re at that stage in the business, because of that we’ve gotta add VAT to the products. Soz. 

We will still do boxed off deals of sorts, promo weekends and loads of giveaways, like we always have but as of the 1st Oct 2019 we will have to add the tax on init. We don’t make the rules on this stuff unfortunately, we wish we did but we don’t init, the rules are made by the people who make the rules, so have it out with them…..actually don’t, I think they’ve got enough going on at the moment and by the looks of things….ah forget it 🙇🏻‍♂️

We want to thank you all for all the support you give us. If we could avoid putting prices up, we would….but if we don’t, we’ll go down the plug hole with the suds.

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻 

Andrew and Jen xx 


Absolutely nothing to add to this “blog” entry, apart from….we’ll we’re back init. Stay tuned for the next exciting blog 😐 coming soon… (When something happens).

10/08/19 – SUMMER BREAK

Everything will be “out of stock” until the 19th of August when we reopen ya’ll. We’re off to spend a rainy week with the kids.

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds ✌🏻

Andrew and Jen x

05/08/19 – HOLIDAY TIME

Not really a blog post this time (not that they ever really are) just a reminder that we are shutting shop this Friday 9th Aug opening again Mon 19th Aug so we can spend time with the kids. If we don’t do this and carry on working, they will spend all week on their devices and that ain’t no good for the future of humanity. Any orders taken up until Friday will obvso be processed as normal but during the week we will take everything out of stock and be dusting off the cool bag for day trips picnics and behaving in a responsible school holiday parenting style….I might even get my sandals out the wardrobe and wear with socks, rucksack out the cupboard….sensible parenting vibes right there #cooldad

Ava good weekend ya’ll 🤘🏼🤪🤘🏼


Well, what can I say about plastic free July apart from WTF, it’s been amazing…last year was good but this year has gained so much more momentum and awareness. We’ve been so busy through our shop and on wholesale, it’s pretty obvs the message that plastic is no longer cool, is well and truly getting outtathere! Bigs respects to all in this zero waste, less waste, eco green movement…whatever you want to call it init, for making things happen and totes the big guns with big platforms…Hugh and Big Davy A for broadening plastic pollution awareness to the masses.

So, we brought out the DISH SPLASH eco friendly washing up bar this week, it’s been a big hit so big fanks to all you tribe again for supporting us and keeping us alive. Most people have gone for the DISH PIT KIT which is great because we fink it’s all you need in the dish pit. They’re great value as well, have a look in the shop. There’s a vid up on the Instagram and Facebook that shows you how to use it and info with a couple of frequently asked questions.

I think that’s about it, we’re always working on new plastic free, natural and vegan friendly stuff for the near future so stay tuned in for that ya’ll….

Peace and Suds ✌🏼


29/06/19 – HOT INIT

Dare I say it, “It’s TOO HOT!” Na, never mate, we loves a bit of nice weather and the sunshine we do’s….more hot, more sweats though ya’ll…..So it’s a good jobs we have plenty of natural soaps, natural shampoo’s, natural deodorant, dry shampoo (perfect for travelling, festivals or lazy peoples 😉).

Me and Jen have been well busy last couple of weeks so again, Fanks for all the orders and support. We have however finally got around to doing some developing….so in the next few weeks we should, all going good, be able to bring out some new stuff.

We did get some more Suds Stumps this week, check em out in the link below….probably the most Primal way to keep ya suds dry and last longer init.

Peace and Suds

Andrew and Jen

14/06/19 – 20% OFF COUPON CODE DEAL

Father’s Day weekend so it’s 20% off everything apart from box deal using code DADDY COOL

Ends 11.59pm Sunday 16th June doesn’t inc postage Daddy Cool (update, it’s done…you snooze, you looze”)

This is your chance to get money off your fav, dry shampoo, natural soap, shampoo bars, natural deodorant, soap dishes, travel tins, bags, Wedgies and Douche Dangles….I think that’s it.

Peace and Suds



First and foremost…Fanks to you, the Soap Tribe for making us so busy and getting us to this point….obvs we would not be here withouts. 

Because of this though and the fact there’s only two of us at Suds HQ, we now get a bit snowed under during busy times. So whilst we will try to process the orders as quick possible….they may now take 2 working days to leave here and then the usual 3-5 working days in the Royal Mail system…. Big Sozzes coming atcha but we’d rather be realistic.

Thank you again for all your support

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds 

Andrew and Jen x 

14/05/19 – No news today, apart from an update on lead times in the wholesale section….15 working days min now peeps, soz ya’ll.

Also busy cleaning up the UKs filth problems here at Suds HQ, clearly we gotta lotta smelly peoples outta there the amount of suds we getting through init…or should we say not so smelly now….

Ava good weekend ya’ll 🤘🏼🤪🤘🏼

Peace, Love and Earthy Suds